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FALL RETREAT With Joey & Jill Korn 

Join Jill and me at our next Gourmet Dowsing Retreat in our home near Augusta, Georgia, from November 5th-9th.  You’ll stay with us in our home, you’ll eat three delicious home-cooked meals each day, and it’s the best way to learn more work.  To learn more by clicking here.

Meet Dowsers.com founders Joey and Jill Korn

Spirit of Alaska Holistic Cruise 

Also, you can join us on the Spirit of Alaska Wholistic Cruise from June 12-19, 2015.… Read more here...

Walter Russell’s Atomic Suicide is Back In Print!

I am excited to announce that Atomic Suicide? by Walter and Lao Russell is back in print!  In this long- awaited re-release,

AtomicSuicideCoverSmallerWalter & Lao explain what radioactivity is, why and how it kills, and what to do about it.

To begin with, I would like to point out that I (Joey Korn) personally am not against using nuclear power as a source of nuclear energy.… Read more here...

Our Energetic Mirrors (Part 1)

This following article is adapted from Chapter 17 of the newly revised edition of my book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. It is Part 1 in a two-part series.  Part 2 will be posted soon. You can also get another excerpt about blessing electrical fields (EMFs) to help you in life by subscribing to our newsletter.

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 … Read more here...

Video Interview – Spiritual Dowsing and the Blessing Process with Joey Korn Part 2

Joey Korn Spiritual Dowser Interview

Spiritual Space Clearing with Joey Korn