My Spiritual Space Clearing begins with you and extends to your home and family. We want our energy patterns to be clear, balanced, and beneficial, but most have some imbalances, often caused by energy problems in our homes. Joey delivers a system to connect his home directly to the energies in your home. No matter where you live, he can explore the subtle energies of your home remotely and make appropriate changes to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Spiritual Space Clearing Updates

The Most Common Causes of Energy Problems in Homes, and their Effects on People

This is the most I’ve ever written about the two primary causes of intense energy problems, including paranormal activity, that I find in homes: Interference Energy and Earthbound Spirits. It’s all about  energy!  I explain how I clear the energies and stop the paranormal activity, and/or any other problems it may be causing. As of September 2021, I can now teach you to remove Interference Energy quite easily yourself.Read more here...

A Global Silent Pandemic and How to Clear It with Joey Korn: Do Your Own Energy Clearing & Space Clearing the Easy Way!

This Video Is Still Available.  I presented this Transition Talk on January 28th, 2023, at the Arlington Institute, in Berkeley Springs, WV. I can give you access to this 2 1/2-hour presentation, that literally has the potential change your life and the lives of your loved ones. No hype!  This is real! Once you have access, you can save it and have permanent access to it.
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We Are Energy Beings, Living in a World of Energy, and We Change the Energies Within and Around Us with Our Changing Focus of Thought and Emotion.

We are energy beings, living in a world or Universe of energy, and we’re changing the world of energy with every changing focus of thought and emotion.  We can learn to take charge of this process and create energy environments, within and around us,  that support what we want to bring into our lives, rather than what we don’t want.  This is the main point I try to make in all my teachings. 
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Video Interview – Spiritual Dowsing and the Blessing Process with Joey Korn Part 2

Joey Korn Spiritual Dowser Interview


Walter Russell Books
“Your philosophy of energy, dowsing and healing resonated with me far more than the ideas of almost anyone else I’ve listened to.
Your approach is a happy blend of quantum physics and sound spiritual teachings born of experience.”

Spiritual Space Clearing with Joey Korn