Things that Go Bump in the Night: The Most Common Causes of Energy Problems in Homes and Their Effects on People

Do ghosts really exist? After people die, can they still continue to hang around a person or a place? Can what some call “entities” cause problems for us? Can supernatural or paranormal events be real?

After dowsing and teaching as my profession for more than twenty years, with a primary focus on personal energy clearing and space clearing, my answer to those questions is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, this aspect of my work has become my specialty. I deal with it every day in the Remote Spiritual  Space Clearing Sessions I do from my home.

I have done thousands of space clearings through the years, both on-site and remote, and I find two primary causes of paranormal experiences:

  1. Earthbound Spirits
  2. Interference Energy

Earthbound Spirits

Many people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs), during which they have actually died for a short period of time before being brought back to life. From their accounts, we have learned that many NDErs see a tunnel with a beautiful, bright Light at the end of it. It is also quite common for them to report seeing loved ones who have gone before them, who are either beckoning them into the tunnel or, sometimes, telling them they are not ready to join them yet and must return to their bodies. Sometimes they enter the tunnel and see and experience wonderful things. Then a magnificent Being of Light that emanates Pure Love might tell them they must return, and they do, often to a body wracked in pain, depending on the circumstances of the death.

I believe these experiences are real; I had an out-of-body experience when I was 21. While I didn’t see a tunnel, I saw my body very clearly while I was floating above it. My body did not die; it was very much alive, but my soul was not “anchored in” my body, and I was not animating it. Somehow my eternal soul knew how to re-enter and take control of my body. That experience vividly demonstrated to me that we are not our bodies and that our souls continue to live and be aware, even after physical death.

Earthbound Spirits are human beings who have lived on Earth, whose physical bodies have died, but for some reason, they chose not to enter the tunnel, or doorway, and follow the Light to join their loved ones in the Higher Realms. They are too attached to a living person, a place, or to physical life itself. Some are confused because they died tragically, such as in an accident or through suicide. Earthbound Spirits are still aware of their physical surroundings and can see and hear the people around them, but most people cannot see or hear them. These disembodied souls get trapped in the astral plane, the energy or spiritual dimension just behind our physical dimension.

As living physical human beings, we exist in both the physical dimension, the Earth plane, and the astral plane, yet most of us are aware only of the physical Earth plane. Earthbound Spirits exist primarily in the astral plane, yet they are still somewhat aware of the Earth plane. Some stay in the astral plane after physical death for only a few days, weeks, or months before they move on, sometimes until after the funeral or some other event; others get trapped for many years. They do not realize that they have trapped themselves.

Interference Energy

There are many kinds of beings in the astral plane besides Earthbound Spirits. One category of these spirit beings is what I call “negative beings.” These beings have never had life on Earth as human beings, but they have something to do with human activity. I believe that, in a very real sense, these negative beings are actually created by us, with our negativity, or more accurately, the negativity of mankind. You might consider the astral plane to be the shadow world of the Earth plane, the third dimension. Even though some would say these beings share space with us, that is a misnomer, as there is no time or space in the astral plane. Time and space is a function of the physical or Earth plane.

For the most part, these beings cannot interfere with us, with our personal energies, or the energies of our homes and other living environments, such as offices, because they are in a different plane of existence. However, when we enter intensely negative states of mind and emotion because of difficult or traumatic life events, we can open a crack between the worlds, or the dimensions, and energies in the astral plane can connect to us. This what I call Interference Energy.

After thousands of clearings of people who have attracted Interference Energy, I find the four most common life issues that can open us to Interference Energy are:

  1. A healing crisis, such as cancer, even if the person is considered to be remission, they can still have this energy connected to them.  It’s not the illness itself that opens a person to this energy; it’s the intense fear, the pain, and the misery of treatment that attracts it.
  2. A break-up in the family, especially a bitter divorce. Similarly, intense grieving over the passing of a loved one can also attract it.  In either case, a loved one is lost, though the circumstances are quite different.
  3. Mental and emotional problems, such as bi-polar disease, long-term depression, Alzheimers, autism, etc.
  4. Drug and alcohol addiction.  Again, it’s not the drugs or alcohol that attracts it, but the dark states of mind an addict can get into while using them.
  5. Being around Interference Energy connected to someone else.  You can “catch” it from others, like an energetic virus. As you will read below, our negative reactions to Covid 19, primarily due to lock-downs, quarantines, and media coverage around the world, spreading fear, anger, panic, etc. around the world is causing Interference Energy to spread much more rapidly that ever before.

Intense negativity can open the doors to attract this energy directly. It then greatly intensifies the negativity that brought it in, and greatly exacerbates the imbalances in the Human Energy Pattern of whomever it connects to and to others who live there. Interference Energy then reflects out and sets up in certain places in the home, creating what I call “doorways to the astral plane.” Some might call them portals. This allows these negative beings to have access to our energies and the energies in our living environments.

Interference Energy then causes all the natural energies in that home, or other space that it sets up in, to be detrimental or out of balance, including what many dowsers call Hartmann & Curry Grid Lines, which I now call Checkerboard and Diagonal Grid Lines, especially when finding and working with these energies in homes, offices, etc. That’s how I find them in homes, and it makes them easy to visualize.

This energy interferes with our lives. Again, I believe that it’s ultimately human negativity that created these beings in the first place.  It’s like the negativity of mankind creates thought forms that take on lives or existences of their own.  Since they are created by negativity, they feed on the negative thoughts and emotions of people, such as fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.  It greatly increases all negativity in people that have attracted it and in others who are around those people, including symptoms of illness and disease.  Increasing the negativity in people makes these beings stronger.

So, as you can see, I don’t consider these entities invading forces; they are somehow related to and created by human activity. Interference Energy is a human condition. This energy and the negative beings related to it are simply part of life itself. However, we do not want to allow these beings to gain access to our lives, and if they do, we want to remove their access.

Problems Caused by Earthbound Spirits and Interference Energy

As a general rule, people don’t feel good when these energies are in their homes or offices. Some might not even notice, but these energies can cause major problems for energetically-sensitive people, especially for empaths. Some people feel depressed and anxious, sometimes intensely so. Those who are sensitive, physically and emotionally, might be much more sensitive when around these Interference Energy, especially if it is connected to them.

If people are ill while in these energies, physical symptoms will be exacerbated. For others, it can actually cause physical symptoms, such as intense headaches, nausea, strong pressure in the head or chest area, etc. Others experience effects that feel like electrical charges, which is why Interference Energy is often mistaken for electrical fields or EMFs (electro-magnetic fields). Interference Energy can also make it difficult to sleep and can cause nightmares. Even though Interference Energy is typically connected to living human beings, all of the negative effects are even worse if the Interference Energy is actually connected to Earthbound Spirits, which would likely mean these trapped souls had attracted the energy before he or she died, and it may have something to do with why they got themselves trapped in the astral plane in the first place.

Earthbound Spirits and these negative beings can see and hear us, but, as a general rule, we can’t see or hear them. Children see them more often than adults; they may see scary people or monsters. Adults more often see glimpses of shadowy beings. Cats and dogs often hiss or bark at “nothing;” however, it seems they actually see something that we can’t see. It often looks like they are intensely watching something we can’t see, and they follow it by turning their heads.  Sometimes they are very afraid of these beings they see, and act strangely. Children and pets often will not go into a particular room in the home because of the presence of such energy.

Paranormal Activity

Most people who have Interference Energy connected to one or more people in their homes, and/or Earthbound Spirits hanging around them, do not experience paranormal activity. Some of these people absolutely know that they have energy problems, because they feel better while away from home. They might feel “off” or they just don’t feel right in their homes.  Many of my clients are referred to me by other dowsers who have detected energy problems, what some call Geopathic Stress, while others are referred by psychics or intuitive who can sense energy problems, but don’t want to deal with them. However, many of my clients call on me because they are actively experiencing paranormal activity in their homes.  If you are one of those people, or you’re just interested to learn more about these phenomena, just click on the following link that says “Continue reading” to learn more.

Things that Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Activity Can Be Very Real!

Finding the Energies at the Source

Many of my clients say that they have had their homes cleared several times by others, using different techniques and modalities, or they had done clearing work themselves. They report that they seem to feel better and the paranormal activities may cease for a while, but they always seem to return. This tells me that those people who worked to help them never got to the source of the problem.

The difference between what I do and what others do is that I actually find and connect to the energy pattern of the Earthbound Spirit anchored into the home or to the vertical detrimental columns of energy (what I call doorways or portals) of the Interference Energy. I do all of my energy work with the Blessing Process, but I use different blessings to remove Interference Energy and to move Earthbound Spirits on to the Higher Realms. One blessing won’t work for the other kind of energy.

I use L-rods to find and connect to both of the kinds of energy, as I find rods to be the most efficient dowsing tools to find energy. While I do all my clearing work with blessings, I cannot easily teach you, in writing, how to find these various energies. I can tell you, however, where I look for and ultimately find these energies. I can also share the basic intent I put into the blessings. (Hint: I now teach you to clear on your own.  More on that later.)

Earthbound Spirits have the same energy patterns as human beings, but they will be totally detrimental or out of balance. They anchor into the home at a certain place. I typically look for living people’s imprinted energy patterns around beds and other furniture. (For more information, see articles about the Bed Pattern and Human Energy Pattern at For some reason, I typically find the energy patterns of Earthbound Spirits anchored in at fireplaces, whether or not the fireplaces are actually used. If there is no fireplace, I often find their energy patterns around electric heaters or other electronic equipment, such as a home entertainment center. It seems to be related to fire or yang energy.

For Interference Energy, I find and connect to the doorways or portals. These doorways to the astral plane might seem to dowse as detrimental spots of energy, because I can walk around these places in tight circles, asking to find detrimental Interference Energy, and I will not get dowsing reactions, but when I dowse while walking directly into them, I do get reactions. However, they are actually vertical lines of detrimental energy, about twelve inches in diameter, connecting the astral plane to the Earth plane. They typically set up in one or more bathrooms and at least one closet in a home. A vertical detrimental energy line will typically set up just inside the entrance of one bathroom, and right at the sink or the toilet bowl in another bathroom (if there are at least two bathrooms), and just inside one closet, often a closet with shelves, like a linen closet. They could also set up in other places, especially if there is only one bathroom on the same floor or level of the home where they set up. These energies seem to have something to do with water or yin energy, but not underground water.

Clearing the Energies that Are Causing the Problems

To move an Earthbound Spirit on, so they can progress in their own spiritual evolution, I dowse to find where the energy pattern is anchored into the home and hold my L-rods in the dowsing reaction, connecting to the soul’s energy pattern, and then I say a blessing. I pray only to God and I call on “…any benevolent forces that are in accord with the Divine, including loved ones of the deceased and others the soul might recognize, angels, guides, spiritual intermediaries, and any other appropriate benevolent forces to open the doors to the spiritual realm and show this soul their faces.” I ask that they “beckon the soul over to join them at Home, where they will find contentment, love, acceptance, and peace.” Within a few seconds the soul’s pattern typically comes into balance or “clears,” and by the end of the blessing, the energy pattern simply disappears, which tells me they have moved on. Then all the energy imbalances in the home that were caused by the presence of the spirit will come into balance and become beneficial, and paranormal activity, if it has been happening, will cease. Once successfully moved on, Earthbound Spirits never return. They finally see what they have been missing all along, and they don’t want to return to their misery.

With Interference Energy, which is much more common and typically causes more intense energy imbalances in a home, I assume I do not know what this energy is or what to do with it. For example, if I just ask to remove the energy or close the doorways, it doesn’t work. I assume that the Divine and Nature knows what to do with the energy, so I use dowsing to find one of the doorways, described above, and hold my dowsing reaction in order to connect to the energy. Then I say a blessing, addressing the Divine and calling on what I call the Powers of Nature to “…do whatever is appropriate with this energy to bring healing and balance to the complete beings of all who are affected by this energy….”

That is the basic intent, and as long as I think about and envision this process while I’m saying the blessing, it always works. By the time I complete the blessing, the column of Interference Energy just disappears, and all the energies in the home that are detrimental as a result of this energy will simultaneously come into balance. Human Energy Pattern imbalances in that home will come into balance to the extent that the imbalances were caused by the Interference Energy, and paranormal activity will stop.

If you keep practicing to find these energies and the other energies that are in homes, including imprints of Human Energy Patterns, and learn to discern whether the energies you find are beneficial or detrimental (balanced or unbalanced), you too can do this work. It’s much more effective than some nebulous idea of what is going on with the energies and with spirit beings and “sending them to the light.”

Interference Energy and Covid-19

I believe that Interference Energy has been around since the beginning of time, especially since mankind has been given Free Will.  Interference Energy is increasing greatly in the world due to the Covid-19 crisis. It’s not virus itself that is causing this to happen, but the world’s reaction to it.  Think about it; if it’s intense negativity such as fear, panic, anger, rage, anxiety, depression, etc. that attracts Interference Energy to people, then you can imagine how much more Interference Energy has been attracted by people. Once someone attracts Interference Energy, it can spread to others; it’s actually contagious. On top of that, if two or more people that have attracted it are in the same space, like a home, a therapist’s office, hospital, hotel, vacation rental, etc, that greatly increases the intensity and makes it much easier for others to attract it or catch it.

Just from working with my clients, it is very obvious that there is much more Interference Energy in the world now that ever before.  Virtually every client I work with has Interference Energy affecting them and/or others living in their home, and almost everyone in every client session is imprinted or energetically connected elsewhere where others have attracted Interference Energy, which still indirectly affects them and their families.  From checking on groups of people, one at a time, I’m finding that over half the people I check now have Interference Energy and/or are affected by it through imprints of the energy patterns elsewhere.  It is my firm belief that there are more people with Interference Energy connected to them in the world today than there are people with Covid and the flu combined, and it negatively affects everyone around those people.  This energy is wreaking more havoc on the people in this world than Covid has. Covid and Interference Energy has become a vicious cycle; intense fear and negativity attracts more Interference Energy, which exacerbates that negativity and causes more people around the to “catch it” like an energetic virus.  Add the political turmoil, that is not Covid related, in this the US, Canada, England, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, and you can understand that untold millions around the world have attracted Interference Energy, and that not only affects everyone around them, but it could spread to them, similarly to how Covid spreads, and it will affect many more people than you an imagine.

Interference Energy is getting a very strong foothold in the world right now, and that concerns me, because for fourteen years, I was the only one who knew what this energy is, how to find it, and how to remove it.  Until fall of 2021, I have only been able to teach a couple of people to find and remove this energy confidently on their own, even after conducting more than 40 retreats in our home since I discovered Interference Energy. It is my educated guest that over half the population of the planet has either attracted Interference Energy directly or indirectly, because members of their household have attracted it or they are being affected through imprints of their Human Energy Patterns somewhere else they have slept. For example, hotels, B&B’s, and vacation rentals are now hotbeds of interference Energy.

Finally, I can teach you to clear Interference Energy yourself!

Fortunately, after many years of trying to do so, at a time in the world when we need it the most, I have now come up with a very easy way that anyone can remove it from their home and all the people who have attracted it in their homes, with no experience necessary.  You’ll even be able to do much more than that!

If you feel that you have energy problems like you’ve read about in this article and you want help in clearing those energies, feel free to call on me to do it with you in a Remote Spiritual Space Clearing Session.  You’ll do the actual clearing work with a new blessing process I’ve put together.  Going through this process will easily remove all Interference Energy connected to people and connected to Earthbound Spirits in your home, but it will not move Earthbound Spirits on to the Higher Realms.  I still have to do that myself, but Interference Energy is much more common, causes more problems, and now you can remove it yourself.  I think this knowledge was given to me at this time for this reason.  I’ll soon devote myself to sharing this new blessing process widely around the world, but you can learn to use it now!

If you want to learn about my work and how you can clear almost any energy problems yourself, and you don’t necessarily want to have a session with me, I will teach you through a two-part video of a talk I gave in January 2023.  You’ll learn how I came up with a very simple way anyone can clear almost any subtle energy problems, such as what dowsers and other space clearers call Geopathic Stress.  Just click on the following link: and learn more about this video. If you plan to have a session with me or have already scheduled one, I’ll send links to this two-part lecture video after our session for no extra charge.







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