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remote spiritual space clearing

Remote and On-Site Spiritual Space Clearing Services
Do you feel that you have detrimental energies in your home, sometimes called Geopathic Stress zones?  Joey can balance these energies and teach you how to do it in the process.  This can be done on-site, when he’s in your area, or from a distance, no matter where you are.

Dowsing Books, Tools, DVDs & Dowsing Kits
Learn about and buy my dowsing book, CD, and dowsing kits.  Also find our dowsing rods & pendulums


Walter Russell Books
Walter Russell was “the man who tapped the secrets of the universe.”  He did much to improve our world, but very few people have ever heard of him.

kabbalah books

Books on Kabbalah
My favorite books on Kabbalah, the teachings of Jewish mysticism, and Tree of Life charts. I’m find many answers to modern-day questions about life in these ancient teachings.

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  1. Dear Doctor Lee,

    I just had my Website rebuilt and in looking through it, I found this old post from you from years ago. Just so you know, I’ll likely be teaching in the Los Angeles area in early October. Are you still in that area? If so, please send your contact info so we can let you now for sure.

    Joey Korn

  2. I’m not sure if Valley of the Dowsers is still active, based in Witnetka. I tried to email someone about it, but it bounced back. I’ll find out.

    • Dr. Lee
    • August 21, 2012

    Happy to have found your page. Hope to tie in with Dowsers in the W. Los Angeles Area. Do they exist?

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