Joey Korn’s Simple Blessing Process


   In my dowsing research over the past twenty-three years, since I’ve been doing this work as my full-time work, I have found that the most  powerful way to keep the energies around you, in your home or office, balanced and beneficial is to keep your own energies balanced and beneficial, as well as within those who share the space with you. This includes the Earth energies associated with what dowsers call “geopathic stress.” I’ve devised a very simple blessing formula to help you do integrate the blessing process easily into your through-out-each day life. You can also use it to bless others, your home, objects you wear, what you eat and drink, etc.  And believe it or not, one of the best things you can bless is your tube of toothpaste, or whatever you brush your teeth.  You only have to bless it successfully one time, and you won’t need to bless it again until you get a new tube.   However, to make sure the blessing “takes,” meaning you said and envisioned the process, I suggest you bless it twice.  Since you’re not wearing it or keeping it on your physical body, your energies will not overpower it, like it will with blessed objects you wear.  When you bless something, you’re charging it with energy.  As you state and envision your intent, your defining the energy frequency you’re charging or filling it with. When you put food, drink, or toothpaste into your mouth, you’re assimilating that energy into your physical body, and it will help you much longer.

If you will include these five components to your blessings, and do it often, you or whoever you bless will stay energetically balanced, as will most of the energies around you. Staying balanced will help you heal and help you react more appropriately to issues and circumstances in your life. Try to let your negative thoughts and emotions remind you to say this blessing. Negative thoughts and emotions are what I call “anti-blessings.” They have the exact opposite effect as blessings. Turn your anti-blessings into blessings. And turn your prayers from pleading into beckoning, asking God to bless you with energy to help you accomplish whatever want to in your life.

The five components of this Simple Blessing Process are:

  1. Address the Divine in some way.
  2. Ask to be blessed and/or filled with energy.
  3. Make a statement of what you want to accomplish.
  4. Express gratitude.
  5. Close the blessing in some way.

Each component is important. The first three are to make it work; the next two are for you. It is important to feel and express gratitude and to turn our blessings over to a Higher Power.

So here’s the basic Simple Blessing:

Dear God (or however you address the Divine)
Please bless me  and fill me (or someone else, an object, as substance, etc.) with energy
To bring healing and balance to my/his/her/our complete being,
* (Optional statement. See below.)
Physically…, emotionally…, mentally… and spiritually.  (Pause where you see … to think about that aspect of your being.)
Thank you.  Amen.

*This is where you could add a statement requesting help with something specific that you want to bring into your life, but it’s not necessary. Just state what you want help with in your own words, if you like. Remember that the blessing is complete within itself, as it is above.

Click on this link to download a one page document to print out.

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