Joey Korn’s Blessing Process Handouts

Jill and I welcome you to  On this page, we’re sharing my most popular handouts for using the blessing process, especially my Simple Blessing Process.  Each handout is briefly described below, with a link to each PDF file.  Just click on the links to each file below.  Each link is in Bold. You’re free to download, print, and share these handouts with others.  After you print each file, hit the button to return to the previous page (this one) and continue printing.   I share them with all of my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning Clients as well as workshop and retreat participants.  It’s our pleasure to share them with you.

Remote Spiritual Space Clearing Sessions Intro with Joey Korn

If you have had a session with me and have already read my Remote Session Intro, you do not have to read it again.  

My understandings, and thus the handouts themselves, have evolved substantially through the years as I’ve done my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning Sessions.  This is now my primary work and I learn more from this work than any other aspect of it.  This article will introduce you to my remote session work and will give you an overview of how my understandings and space clearing techniques are inside-out from almost everyone else who does space clearing work, whether it involves dowsing or not.

Spiritual Dowsing & the Simple Blessing Process 

This article will help you understand the Simple Blessing Process and how to use it and adapt it to any aspect of your life.  I find the Blessing Process to be the most powerful force in the universe that we have at our disposal.

Joey Korn’s Simple Blessing Process

I developed this Simple Blessing Process to help people formulate blessings easily to help them with any aspect of their lives.  It is simple, yet surprisingly powerful.  Use it regularly and you’ll see and experience the difference it makes in your life.  I suggest you print it on opposite sides of a piece of paper with “The Toothpaste Blessing,” which is next.  Just print the Simple Blessing Process out and put it back in the printer to print the Toothpaste Blessing on the back.  Go through the same process for the next two blessing process files too.

 The Toothpaste Blessing

Through the years, I’ve been searching for an easy way to help people keep their Human Energy Patterns clear, balanced, and beneficial throughout the day, as most people have  typical imbalances in their energy patterns.  I’ve finally figured it out.  Bless your toothpaste!  As funny as it may seem, it really works, and it is very beneficial to keep your Human Energy Pattern clear, balanced. and beneficial.  If you keep a balanced and clear energy pattern, it will not only help you, it will help all you spend time with, just be being in their presence.  If everyone in your home use toothpaste that is blessed with “The Toothpaste Blessing,” the benefits will multiply.  It will help to keep the energies within and around you, in your home, balanced and beneficial.

Joey Korn’s Three-Step Pattern Removal and Home Blessing Process 

This is the best thing you can do to clear your home or any space without calling on me.  You can use it in conjunction with other space clearing techniques, like smudging, but I use ONLY the Blessing Process to do all of my personal energy clearing and space clearing.  This “Three-Step Process” is also very useful when you travel, such as for hotel rooms and other places you might stay.  Print this on opposite sides of a piece of paper with “Removing Your Energies from Other Places,” which is the next file below.

Removing Your Energy Pattern from Other Places

This is to be used after you stay somewhere else, like a hotel, vacation rental, doctors’ or therapists’ offices, etc.  It’s important to remove your energies from other places, outside of your home, because you may be affected by people in those places now or even by future occupants, patients, clients, etc. that imprint or connect there with energy problems.

Blessings Electrical Fields that Radiate from Appliances 

These blessings are for blessing electrical fields.  Not only can you make electrical fields beneficial, once you successfully make them balanced and beneficial with this blessing, they will stay that way.  You don’t have to bless them again!  I also give you a way to demonstrate for yourself and others that this blessings really works.  You’ll even get a blessing process to help protect you from detrimental electrical fields while you’re out of your home and in public places.

Blessings for Medications, Radiation & Chemotherapy 

This blessing file is particularly for blessing medicine, whether taken orally or with an IV drip, and for radiation therapy.  It’s also good for blessing vitamin and mineral supplements you might take.

Real Estate Blessing 

If you’re trying to sell a home, you want to fill your home with beneficial energies so potential buyers will feel good while in it.  This blessing is especially to clear the energies from other people who might be imprinted there and to make all the energies within the home beneficial and supportive to help you sell it, but it will also balance other energy fields in your home for just that purpose.  I use this blessing often with my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning clients.

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