Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment Revised Edition by Joey Korn

Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment is about my insights into life that I’ve gained through dowsing combined with prayer and blessing.

I discovered dowsing, or divining, in 1986 from a kindly old man who helped me find my septic tank with two bent-up coat hangers. This was no big deal to him, but I was spellbound. I’ve been dowsing ever since. (Continue reading below.)


Dowsing a Path to Enlightement by Joey Korn

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I immediately saw dowsing as a tool to grow spiritually. Dowsing gives us the ability to explore the unseen world of the subtle but powerful energies that are hidden behind all of life.

When you dowse for water, you’re really detecting the energy field of the water rather than the physical water. Since everything is ultimately energy, everything can be dowsed. With dowsing, you can explore this unseen world and unlock the secrets of the universe.

You can easily learn to use dowsing to detect and identify many different subtle but powerful energies that are everywhere in your living environment and within your being.

Some of these energies, like the energies of some underground streams, noxious rays, and the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) radiating from TVs, computer screens, wires, etc., can weaken us and make us ill. Other energies are beneficial; they enhance our health, our moods, and our relationships. Detrimental Earth energies are also called geopathic lines or geopathic stress zones.

Most dowsers that work with these energies do things to divert, neutralize, or block detrimental energies using various tools and techniques. Some drive iron rods into the ground directly in the flow of these energies. Others use a variety of other devices and techniques.

I have realized that we don’t have to block or avoid these energies at all; we want them in our living environments.

We just want them to be beneficial, and we can make them beneficial very easily–with the power of prayer, especially with blessing.

Once you find detrimental subtle energies with dowsing or feel them with your body, all you have to do is say a sincere prayer, asking that they become beneficial.  Immediately they do, and they will remain beneficial until something happens to change them back to be detrimental.

This could be something in Nature, or it could be the result of negative thoughts and emotions.  This is much more often the case, especially in our living environments.

We can also attract new beneficial energies, including energy leys and power spots, into our living environments to bring healing or whatever we most want and need into our lives.

This is “how” you create your own reality, every minute of your life. My book will teach you how to do all of this, and more. Dowsing is more than a way to find water; it’s a path to enlightenment.

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New Updated Version

I published the first quick-copy edition of my book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, in 1997.  I then began printing a few hundred copies at a time, adding more each time and improving it. By early 1999, I felt that it was finished and ready to “officially” publish in the fall of that year.

Then, in June 1999, I made a new discovery in my work, and I knew immediately that my book wasn’t finished—that I wasn’t ready to finish it.

So I kept printing small batches of 500, and later, 1000 at a time, and improving it some every time. However, until now, I still hadn’t caught it up to my current understandings.

I hinted at my new discovery, but didn’t include the details in my book. The more time passed, the more I learned, and the more difficult it was to complete my writing. Now I’m finally ready!

I’ve written five new chapters and a new Introduction. You can see a full image the new cover design by clicking on the small image in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

I’m dividing my revised book into three parts:

Part 1 contains the stories of how I learned the basics of dowsing, with exercises at the end of each chapter, so you can learn as I learned.

Part 2 shares the stories of my new insights and discoveries, my early contributions to the world of dowsing, and what put me on the path of dowsing and teaching full time for the past fifteen years. I also include dowsing exercises throughout, so you can experience what I did.

Part 3 includes five new chapters, finally updating my book to my current understandings. It includes my “Kabbalah connection to dowsing,” using blessings to balance EMFs (electrical fields that radiate from appliances), my Simple Blessing Process, and new insights into how the Earth Energies in our homes and offices are here to support us, not harm us.

They’re our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us. These insights are new to the dowsing world, and take the opposite or inside-out view of Earth energies in our living environments, especially those commonly associated with what many call “geopathic stress.”

If you order my book now, we’ll include  a gift CD. Plus, I’ll personalize and autograph each book for you.

A comment from a recent reader of my book:  This is by far the best dowsing book I have ever read, period!  I am very thankful that you share all your knowledge with the public and let us learn to do the same as you do.  It is absolutely amazing what you have discovered, and this will change the whole dowsing world, hopefully. I am especially excited about your Simple Blessing Process!

This book is not just for interested dowsers, this book should be in every house on this globe !!! ~Peter M. from Uruguay


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