A Global Silent Pandemic and How to Clear It with Joey Korn: Do Your Own Energy Clearing & Space Clearing the Easy Way!

This Video Is Still Available.  I presented this Transition Talk on January 28th, 2023, at the Arlington Institute, in Berkeley Springs, WV. I can give you access to this 2 1/2-hour presentation, that literally has the potential change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Not hype!  This is real! Once you have access, you can save it and have permanent access to it. I’ve just dropped the price to only $50.  If you’re not satisfied after you watch the entire presentation, just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund.
In this video, I summarize my work from before the beginning, in 1980, before I even learned to dowse, and ultimately help you understand how I was led by visions and revelations through the years to ultimately come up with a very easy blessing process that you will be able to use to do personal energy clearing and space clearing for yourself, your family, and others better than just about any professional space clearers out there! That’s because they don’t know about Interference Energy, which is the most common cause of virtual all energy problems, within people’s beings and throughout their living environments.  Since other space clearers don’t know about it, they certainly don’t know how to remove or clear it, unless they learned from me. To learn about Interference Energy and the havoc it’s causing in people around the world, now more than anytime in history, read the my article at https://dowsers.com/about-my-work/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night-clearing-the-causes-of-paranormal-activity/

Do you think things happening in the world are crazy right now? Crazier and worse than you’ve ever seen???  I do!  In this three-hour video, which you will receive online access to, you will learn why it’s so crazy in the world right now.

I will share how I’ve been guided by visions and revelations all my life that ultimately led me to what I’m doing in my work now: teaching people, that can be anywhere in the world, a simple yet powerful way to do personal energy clearing and space clearing very easily, with my Miracle Blessing Process. This is the best, most important, and the most life-changing work I’ve ever done. You’ll learn how my wife and I, along with our partner in this effort, Jasna Bursa, are planning to make a huge positive difference in the population of the world, by sharing my Miracle Blessing Process with millions of people around the world.  You can begin by helping yourself and your loved ones right now for

Only $50. Just click on the following link.
A Silent Global Pandemic and How to Clear It” with Joey Korn

IMPORTANT: Even though this is an online video, Joey will have to give you access to it. You’ll receive the video in two parts.  Once you get access to it, you can download it and save it for viewing at your leisure. it’s your to keep. Once you watch it, you’ll want to watch it again and again.  However, these are very large files, almost 5 GB total. If you don’t have enough free space on your computer, I highly suggest you store these video files on an external hard drive or in the Cloud.  Once you download it and save it properly, you’ll have access to it from now on.  DO NOT TRY TO SAVE IT IN YOUR PHONE OR TABLET, unless you KNOW you have enough space available.

Comments from viewers:

So far I have watched your talk once , and you were right – I’ll be watching it again and again over the years. It is very interesting and useful to add the blessings to my dowsing and pendulum healing practice. Also, it was an eye-opener that you talked about the Tree of Life, since I have been diving into those universal life lessons in combination with Tarot. Things have been falling into place in a new way since I’ve watched your talk. All in all I’m very happy I found your site and placed the order. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
~ MVDP 2023









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