Things that Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Activity Can Be Very Real!

(This article was part of my article now called “The Primary Causes of Energy Problems in Homes and Their Effects on People.” I chose to separate this portion from my article, because most people do not experience paranormal activity, even if they do have Interference Energy connected to one or more people in their homes, and/or have Earthbound Spirits hanging around their homes. This part of the article tends to frighten many readers, which is not my intention. If paranormal activity is happening to the readers or in their homes, they may be comforted to know that similar strange occurrences, such as described below, are happening to others as well. Many of these people are understandably quite reluctant to share their experiences with others, who make think they’re just imagining things, or worse.)

In time, Earthbound Spirits or the negative beings related to Interference Energy can learn to manipulate the physical environment and cause paranormal events. Sometimes Earthbound Spirits can simply be trying to let their loved ones know they are there. Other times, they are angry because other people are living in what they consider to be their homes, and they want to drive them away, but I find that this is fairly rare.  Earthbound Spirits typically intend no harm to the inhabitants of a home, even if they are not family, but the negative beings associated with Interference Energy mean nothing but harm.

The negative beings, given access to the home through Interference Energy, often want to instigate fear in the inhabitants of the space. As stated earlier, they feed on human fear and negativity; it gives them power.  If there is someone in the home that is aware of them more than others, these beings will particularly do things to scare those people. This often includes children, pets, and more psychically aware adults, mostly women, but sometimes everyone in the family is very much aware of this ongoing activity, which is often more common at night..

Both Earthbound Spirits and the negative beings associated with Interference Energy can learn to turn lights off and on, and sometimes people report that they actually flip switches. They can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or quit working altogether. These beings can make rapping sounds on walls and ceilings. They sometimes make the sounds and physical vibrations of footsteps, when no one in the home is walking. Several people have reported hearing bouncing balls, when no one in the home is bouncing a ball.  Others report objects disappearing, and sometimes later re-appearing, sometimes in the exact place they had looked for them before. Women, much more often than men, report feeling the presence of someone watching them, especially at night. Some even report feeling the bed actually moving, like someone is crawling into bed with them, yet there is no one else physically in their bedroom.

In one case, I was in a frame shop, helping a couple who owned it, as they were having paranormal activity.  I found Interference Energy right in front of a wall with lots of framing supplies hanging from it on hooks. The owners then told me that one day, all of the framing supplies on the wall began rattling. They could see and hear the supplies moving, but could feel or hear nothing that might cause them to do that, and nothing else in the building moved. When I demonstrated to them, with my dowsing rods, that a vertical column of Interference Energy was right at their bathroom sink, they told me that they had recently heard the familiar squeaking sound of the hot water handle on this very old sink being turned on, while billing out a customer just a few feet away. They all went into the bathroom and found the hot water running, while they knew for sure it was not running before that. The couple turned around, and their customer was running out the door!

Other clients report smelling strong odors, like cigarette or cigar smoke, a particular perfume, or even more gruesome smells like rotting flesh. (My wife and I both experienced this ourselves in the home of a client. I had purposely avoided working with spirits or what some call entities for many years until that experience. These powerful, foul odors appeared quickly and then dissipated, so there was obviously not a physical cause. Then I knew I had to learn how to deal with such beings if I wanted to continue helping people to clear the energies of their homes. In this case, I was unsuccessful.  Shortly thereafter, the opportunities began coming through my remote clients.)

Some clients report hearing sounds, like people talking, and others hear distinct words being said to them. Several of my clients have reported hearing their own voices and their partners’ voices being mimicked from time to time.

A client once saw the shadowy image of a huge man and could hear and feel heavy boot steps in the home. One night, after hearing those heavy steps, she heard an explosion in the home, like a gunshot, but there was no one else in the home. This home was on land that dated back to the Civil War. Also, Native Americans had evidently inhabited the property long ago, because members of the family often find arrowheads and other artifacts there. There were actually two Earthbound Spirits in two different homes on the property, both with Interference Energy connected to them. After I removed the Interference Energy and then helped the Earthbound Spirits to move on, all paranormal activity stopped in both houses, and has not recurred.

Many clients feel the presence of beings watching them, and several have reported feeling like they were being pushed, especially at the tops of stairways.

One client was absolutely sure that he had closed and dead bolted doors in his home, and then repeatedly found them unlocked and slightly open but minutes later. Since then, other clients have reported locked doors opening, just after I moved an Earthbound Spirit on, like the spirit signaled that he or she had just left. This was reported to me again very recently, after many years of working with these negative beings.

These are just a few of the paranormal events that have been reported to me. Sometimes my clients are amused and aren’t afraid; others are terrified. Almost all of them want these activities to stop.

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