Quest for the Blue Books & The Russell Connection to Dowsing (c)

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Just as I had been “told” on the way home from watching the movie, Tron, Russell’s writings tied together many of the seemingly separate concepts that had been revealed intuitively to me through the years. The perfect rhythm of the universe, the music of the spheres, light, spiritual healing, reincarnation, and learning through direct inspiration were just a few of the concepts that Russell’s writings integrated in my thinking.

In The Secret of Light, he also wrote much about science, which I had always thought was separate from the spiritual. Now I realized that eventually I would grow to understand science too, at least the Russell science. When I read , in The Divine Iliad, the words that came to Russell during his period of “full illumination,” I saw what I truly believed (and still believe) to be divine inspiration.

I knew I would spend many years studying the teachings of this man, preparing for the day that I would receive this understanding directly. I had completed my quest for the blue books, which set me on a new path along my journey in life.

The Russell Connection to Dowsing

I discovered dowsing in 1986, just a few months after I discovered Russell’s teachings. These were two seemingly separate paths I was following along my spiritual journey. It never occurred to me that they would one day join together.

In 1986, I was dowsing with a friend, exploring the energy field of a power spot in my back yard. As we approached this special place in the earth from any direction, our L-rods would open and cross repeatedly until we reached the center of the spot. We noticed the same reaction when we dowsed the energy fields of people, plants, trees, and animals. We decided to map out the energy field of this power spot by approaching from many different directions and marking on the ground, with chalk powder, each place we got dowsing reactions. Then we simply connected the dots. We expected to find a series of concentric circles, but instead ended up with a beautiful pattern of two interrelated spirals.

We used blue and red chalk to differentiate the two spirals, one we considered to be yin, or negative, and the other yang, or positive.

Actual photo of spirals around power spot, as dowsed an marked by Jim Wallace and myself.

I knew what this was as soon as I saw it; Walter Russell had said that the two interrelated spirals are the source of all creation. What we were seeing was a slice of a vortex, a portion of what Russell called “the wave.” I now see the vortex to be characteristic of most, if not all, natural energy fields, including those of people, plants, and animals.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect to find spiraling energies surrounding a power spot. What do they call the power spots in Sedona, Arizona? Vortexes. Now I find these spiraling patterns everywhere around us in our living environments.

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