Quest for the Blue Books & The Russell Connection to Dowsing

On my way home from watching the partially animated Disney movie, Tron, in 1982, I experienced the familiar feeling that I was about to receive, intuitively, some important information. I’d had many mystical experiences in my life, and I knew this was going to be an important message.

Tron was about a boy who had been zapped into the inner world of a video game. The programs were alive in a world of their own, and they communicated with this “user.” I had noticed a thinly veiled spiritual theme while watching the movie. Now, on the way home from the theater, deeper meanings were being revealed to me from a higher source.

Then, in my mind’s eye, I saw the unclear image of a man’s face. I felt intuitively that this man had mastered the spiritual knowledge I had been unraveling through the years in my own spiritual search.

After seeing this image, I saw a set of blue hardback books on a bookshelf. Fortunately my wife, Jill, was driving, because the image was so embedded in my consciousness that I could concentrate on nothing else; I saw the books before me whether my eyes were open or closed.

I felt that this man’s writings would tie my seemingly separate spiritual understandings together, something I’d been trying to do for years. I knew that I was to find these books, that they were to be an important part of my life, and that I should begin my quest immediately.

I began searching metaphysical bookstores in Atlanta and in other cities I visited in my business travels, but to no avail. The closest thing I found was Alice Bailey’s books, all dark blue, but I knew from my vision that the books I sought were written by a man. I felt certain they would come into my life when I was ready for them, but it was up to me to find them.

Walter Russell Books

In November 1982, I visited one of my favorite metaphysical bookstores in Santa Monica, California, still in search of the blue books. I met a friendly lady there and, after a brief chat, I recommended she read Out on a Limb, by Shirley MacLaine.

Out of gratitude, she recommended a book I had noticed in bookstores before but had never bought, Glenn Clark’s The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.

I decided to buy the book, but it ended up on my bookshelf with some other unread books. My quest continued.

Early in the morning of December 24, 1985, I woke with the most excruciating headache of my life. The medicine I took didn’t even take the edge off the pain.

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to read that little book I had shelved in 1983, The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, the biography of a modern day Leonardo, Walter Russell. What I read rang so true, but I was still suffering so much that it was difficult to appreciate the meaning. My eyes filled with tears of pain as I struggled to read the words, “If we think we are tired or ill, it is only because we have done something to unbalance the bodily conductivity of the universal electric current which motivates it.”

“I know that!” I thought. With that realization, my headache immediately vanished. I felt great. I was cured by words I read on the page of a book!

The Blue Books

One moment I was in tears of agony, the next in tears of joy. I discovered page after page of Truth that struck to the core of my being. So many of the concepts espoused by this man were exactly as I believed.

I continued reading, “Do you think that civilization advances because of things written in books? Not a bit of what is written in books ever got there until after the thought of it happened in someone’s mind. Someone first had to collect it from space, or recollect it from its electrical pattern to which he (or she) had been attuned. The book is but a record of what has already happened.”

I understood this completely, as I had been searching books for years just to validate what had been revealed to me intuitively during a series of what Russell would call “partial illuminations.”

By the time I finished that little book, I was excited to learn more about the writings of this man. I read about a book Russell had written that was divinely inspired, The Message of the Divine Iliad. It was actually in two volumes. I also read about The Secret of Light.

Even though Russell had died in the sixties, he’d started a foundation based on his own teachings, the University of Science and Philosophy, later headed by his wife, Lao. Was this foundation still there? Was Lao still alive?

I called for the phone number and found there was still a listing, but it was Christmas Eve and, out of respect, I decided to wait until the day after Christmas to call. Finally I called (at 9:02 am) and spoke to a lady about ordering some books. I heard someone pick up the extension and listen for a while. Then I heard, “Hello, this is Lao Russell. May I help you?”

That started a delightful conversation and I told Lao about my healing experience, expecting her to be overwhelmed, but this was just another story to her. She heard about experiences like this all the time. I finally told her that I wanted to order both volumes of The Message of the Divine Iliad and The Secret of Light. Lao tried to convince me to start with some other books, but I insisted. I did order a book she had written, a companion work, God Will Work With You But Not For You.

A few days later, I opened the eagerly awaited box. I noticed it right away; under the paper book jackets were three hardback books–all blue. I knew these were the books I had seen in my vision three years earlier. I also knew why I hadn’t found them before, even if I had seen them in bookstores; the book jackets were silver, not blue.

Walter Russell

Even though Russell only had a fourth grade education, he became a master sculptor, painter, musician, composer, equestrian, architect, scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and more. As an architect , he conceived the ideas for the penthouse, the duplex, the cooperative apartment building (forerunner to the condominium), and the studio apartment. He was known to be one of the best horsemen in the world. He also discovered the trans-uranium elements, from which the atom bomb was eventually made.

During a 39-day period in 1921, in what Russell called a “full illumination,” he received all the knowledge that he would spend the rest of his life revealing and demonstrating to mankind. He felt it was his Divine Purpose to deliver a message to mankind, to live his life as an example that we all have genius inherent within us, that we can master anything we set our minds to, simply by tuning into Nature and the Divine.

Just as I had been “told” on the way home from watching the movie, Tron, Russell’s writings tied together many of the seemingly separate concepts that had been revealed intuitively to me through the years. The perfect rhythm of the universe, the music of the spheres, light, spiritual healing, reincarnation, and learning through direct inspiration were just a few of the concepts that Russell’s writings integrated in my thinking.

In The Secret of Light, he also wrote much about science, which I had always thought was separate from the spiritual. Now I realized that eventually I would grow to understand science too, at least the Russell science. When I read , in The Divine Iliad, the words that came to Russell during his period of “full illumination,” I saw what I truly believed (and still believe) to be divine inspiration.

I knew I would spend many years studying the teachings of this man, preparing for the day that I would receive this understanding directly. I had completed my quest for the blue books, which set me on a new path along my journey in life.

The Russell Connection to Dowsing

I discovered dowsing in 1986, just a few months after I discovered Russell’s teachings. These were two seemingly separate paths I was following along my spiritual journey. It never occurred to me that they would one day join together.

In 1986, I was dowsing with a friend, exploring the energy field of a power spot in my back yard. As we approached this special place in the earth from any direction, our L-rods would open and cross repeatedly until we reached the center of the spot.

We noticed the same reaction when we dowsed the energy fields of people, plants, trees, and animals. We decided to map out the energy field of this power spot by approaching from many different directions and marking on the ground, with chalk powder, each place we got dowsing reactions.

Then we simply connected the dots. We expected to find a series of concentric circles, but instead ended up with a beautiful pattern of two interrelated spirals.

We used blue and red chalk to differentiate the two spirals, one we considered to be yin, or negative, and the other yang, or positive.

Actual photo of spirals around power spot, as dowsed an marked by Jim Wallace and myself.

I knew what this was as soon as I saw it; Walter Russell had said that the two interrelated spirals are the source of all creation. What we were seeing was a slice of a vortex, a portion of what Russell called “the wave.” I now see the vortex to be characteristic of most, if not all, natural energy fields, including those of people, plants, and animals.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect to find spiraling energies surrounding a power spot. What do they call the power spots in Sedona, Arizona? Vortexes. Now I find these spiraling patterns everywhere around us in our living environments.

Octave Wave painting by Walter RussellThe wave is a series of inverting vortices. Russell “saw” and understood that the universe was created by the Universal One in the wave.

He created a series of complicated but beautiful scientific illustrations which simply explain this one piece of art, all contained in the book published by the University of Science and Philosophy, In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.

Original art by Walter Russell

Until this point, I hadn’t really come up with anything new in my dowsing explorations; I was simply learning the basics, trying to “see” the unseen world of energy and understand how it related to life on earth. I really didn’t expect to find anything new. I was just exploring.

As I said earlier, my dowsing work and my Russell studies were two seemingly separate paths along my spiritual journey in life. When these two paths dovetailed with the discovery of the double-spiral surrounding the power spot in my back yard, what I call the “Russell connection to dowsing,” my spiritual growth took a quantum leap forward. From that point on, I have had many new insights into life through dowsing.

For example, whenever someone sincerely prays for anything to come into their lives, such as healing or blessing food, dowseable lines of energy come in. I’ve also realized that when we find detrimental energies in our living environments with dowsing, such as the energies of underground streams or what some dowsers call noxious rays, we can change them to be beneficial with what I call “prayerful statements of intent.”

Dowsing is a powerful tool to unlock the secrets of Nature. I’ve written about most of these insights in my book Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. Dowsing has also helped me understand more of the Russell Science than ever before. Now that I’ve made this “Russell connection,” I can apply his teachings much more into my life.

Most of all, my dowsing and my studies of the Russell teachings have helped me understand more about this magnificent world we live in and our role in it as human beings. My life–and yours–is a wonderful adventure of discovery, if we simply open our minds and hearts to it.

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* Clark, Glenn. The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, Swannanoa,

Waynesboro, Virginia: The University of Science and Philosophy. page 8.

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