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 Joey Korn’s Signature Dowsing Rods

New Shipping Rates
 Postage rates for International Mail have been going up rapidly through the years and will soon go up again.  At this point, we can mail a pair of rods to Canada & Mexico for $8 US, and to most of the rest of the world  for $12.  You’ll see these options when you check out.  If it ends up costing more, we will let you know before we ship.  We will inform you and adjust prices as necessary for orders of more than one pair of dowsing rods.

Portable Bob Slack Divining Rods

(The price above is incorrect.)

Portable L-Rods:  $40 per pair with pouch

With High-Quality Pouches in Two Colors     
We offer quantity discounts on dowsing rods. Shipping Price will have to adjusted, up or down, for multiple pairs of rods.  You can save up to 50%.  You’ll see discounts when you order.

Joey Korn’s Regular L-Rods
$20 per pair

(The price belowin image is incorrect.)

Bob Slack Regular L Rods

$20 per pair   ADD TO CART

We offer quantity discounts on dowsing rods.
You can save up to 40%.  You’ll see discounts when you order.
Feel free to call us toll-free within the US and Canada at
1-877-DOWSING (369-7464) 
From Other Countries   1-706-733-0204
Deluxe Dowsing Kit-1
We also carry complete dowsing kits, which include my book, a CD about my work, a pendulum and a pair of Bob Slack L-rods.
You save $5 when you buy a kit.

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