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The Universal One by Walter Russell
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The Universal One by Walter Russell

A “must” for the serious student of Russell science and philosophy, The Universal One is Walter Russell’s first expression of his new Cosmogony explaining the Mind-centered electromagnetic universe. Russell later revised some of the content of The Universal One in The Secret of Light and A New Concept of the Universe. Students of the Russell science should be aware of the historic sequence of Walter Russell’s books of science, and note the various changes in details which Walter Russell himself made.

Nikola Tesla told Walter Russell to hide his cosmogony from the world for a thousand years. Though a century or more ahead of its time, The Universal One, uniting spiritual Cause and scientifically observable Effect in a seamless whole, is now appealing to the many people–scientists and laymen alike–who are examining the nature of science and consciousness.

In this beautiful reprint of the 1926 historic volume, Walter Russell first reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements.

“This is a universe of Mind, a finite universe, limited as to cause, and to the effect of cause. A finite universe, in which the effects of cause are limited, must also be limited as to cause; so when that measurable cause is known, then can man comprehend and measure all effects.

The effects of cause are complex and mystify man, but cause itself is simple. The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but One unchanging cause. All things are universal. Nothing is which is not universal.

Nothing is of itself alone. Man and Mind and all creating things are universal. No man can say: ‘I alone am I.’ There is but One universe, One Mind, One force, One substance. When man knows this in measurable exactness then will he have no limitations within those which are universal.”

— Walter Russell, from The Prelude to The Universal One. Part I: Creation; The Life Principle; Mind, The One Universal Substance; Thinking Mind; The Process of Thinking; Thinking Registered in Matter; Concerning Appearances; The Sex Principle; Sex Opposites of Light; The Reproductive Principle; Energy Transmission; A Finite Universe; A Dimensionless Universe; Concerning Dimension; The Formula of Locked Potentials; Universal Oneness; Omnipresence; Omnipotence; Omniscience. Part II: Dynamics of Mind & Light Units of Matter; Electricity and Magnetism; New Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism; Electricity; The Elements of Matter; The Octave Cycle of the Elements of Matter; The Instability and the Illusion of Stability of Matter; The Universal Pulse; Concerning Energy; Electro-Magnetic Pressure; Attraction and Repulsion; Gravitation and Radiation; Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation – Universal Direction; Universal Mathematics & Ratios; Charging & Discharging Poles; The Wave; Time; Temperature; Color; Universal Mechanics; Rotation; Revolution; Crystallization; Plane and Ecliptic; Ionization; Valence; Tone; Conclusion; New Laws and Principles.

The Universal One Contains numerous charts and diagrams. The Universal One is both an historic and present/future treasure illuminating questions about universal cosmogony and philosophical considerations of the nature of the universe.

In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation

140 pages  9″ x 12″

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Walter Russell stated that, “In the wave lies the secret of creation.” This series of beautiful full-color science paintings and black-and-white charts visually expresses the essence of Russell’s whole-cycle, generative-radiative, negentropic-entropic, rhythmic-balanced-interchanging vision of universal process.

The current President of the University of Science & Philosophy provides his personal interpretations and overview of Walter Russell’s cosmogony in this fine-quality publication which includes 50 color reproductions, as well as dozens of black and white charts and photographs, many of which are herein published for the first time.

Dr. Sheldon of the Washington Square College Department of Physics, New York University, in 1931 encouraged Dr. Russell to produce these paintings with these words,

I am inclined to think you have found the basis for a new art … I believe anyone capable of understanding your paintings will have a much clearer conception of universal waves than he would through any textbook description.

Russell’s paintings will fascinate and intrigue the scientist, lay-person, and artist alike. They are symbolic, visual statements of how the Cosmic drama of creation is played. This is the original Sacred Geometry, what Russell called Wave Geometry.

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