Quest for the Blue Books & The Russell Connection to Dowsing (d)

Octave Wave painting by Walter RussellThe wave is a series of inverting vortices. Russell “saw” and understood that the universe was created by the Universal One in the wave.

He created a series of complicated but beautiful scientific illustrations which simply explain this one piece of art, all contained in the book published by the University of Science and Philosophy, In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.

Original art by Walter Russell

Until this point, I hadn’t really come up with anything new in my dowsing explorations; I was simply learning the basics, trying to “see” the unseen world of energy and understand how it related to life on earth. I really didn’t expect to find anything new. I was just exploring.

As I said earlier, my dowsing work and my Russell studies were two seemingly separate paths along my spiritual journey in life. When these two paths dovetailed with the discovery of the double-spiral surrounding the power spot in my back yard, what I call the “Russell connection to dowsing,” my spiritual growth took a quantum leap forward. From that point on, I have had many new insights into life through dowsing.

For example, whenever someone sincerely prays for anything to come into their lives, such as healing or blessing food, dowseable lines of energy come in. I’ve also realized that when we find detrimental energies in our living environments with dowsing, such as the energies of underground streams or what some dowsers call noxious rays, we can change them to be beneficial with what I call “prayerful statements of intent.”

Dowsing is a powerful tool to unlock the secrets of Nature. I’ve written about most of these insights in my book Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. Dowsing has also helped me understand more of the Russell Science than ever before. Now that I’ve made this “Russell connection,” I can apply his teachings much more into my life.

Most of all, my dowsing and my studies of the Russell teachings have helped me understand more about this magnificent world we live in and our role in it as human beings. My life–and yours–is a wonderful adventure of discovery, if we simply open our minds and hearts to it.

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