Quest for the Blue Books & The Russell Connection to Dowsing (b)

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The Blue Books

One moment I was in tears of agony, the next in tears of joy. I discovered page after page of Truth that struck to the core of my being. So many of the concepts espoused by this man were exactly as I believed.

I continued reading, “Do you think that civilization advances because of things written in books? Not a bit of what is written in books ever got there until after the thought of it happened in someone’s mind. Someone first had to collect it from space, or recollect it from its electrical pattern to which he (or she) had been attuned. The book is but a record of what has already happened.”

I understood this completely, as I had been searching books for years just to validate what had been revealed to me intuitively during a series of what Russell would call “partial illuminations.”

By the time I finished that little book, I was excited to learn more about the writings of this man. I read about a book Russell had written that was divinely inspired, The Message of the Divine Iliad. It was actually in two volumes. I also read about The Secret of Light.

Even though Russell had died in the sixties, he’d started a foundation based on his own teachings, the University of Science and Philosophy, later headed by his wife, Lao. Was this foundation still there? Was Lao still alive?

I called for the phone number and found there was still a listing, but it was Christmas Eve and, out of respect, I decided to wait until the day after Christmas to call. Finally I called (at 9:02 am) and spoke to a lady about ordering some books. I heard someone pick up the extension and listen for a while. Then I heard, “Hello, this is Lao Russell. May I help you?”

That started a delightful conversation and I told Lao about my healing experience, expecting her to be overwhelmed, but this was just another story to her. She heard about experiences like this all the time. I finally told her that I wanted to order both volumes of The Message of the Divine Iliad and The Secret of Light. Lao tried to convince me to start with some other books, but I insisted. I did order a book she had written, a companion work, God Will Work With You But Not For You.

A few days later, I opened the eagerly awaited box. I noticed it right away; under the paper book jackets were three hardback books–all blue. I knew these were the books I had seen in my vision three years earlier. I also knew why I hadn’t found them before, even if I had seen them in bookstores; the book jackets were silver, not blue.

Walter Russell

Even though Russell only had a fourth grade education, he became a master sculptor, painter, musician, composer, equestrian, architect, scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and more. As an architect , he conceived the ideas for the penthouse, the duplex, the cooperative apartment building (forerunner to the condominium), and the studio apartment. He was known to be one of the best horsemen in the world. He also discovered the trans-uranium elements, from which the atom bomb was eventually made.

During a 39-day period in 1921, in what Russell called a “full illumination,” he received all the knowledge that he would spend the rest of his life revealing and demonstrating to mankind. He felt it was his Divine Purpose to deliver a message to mankind, to live his life as an example that we all have genius inherent within us, that we can master anything we set our minds to, simply by tuning into Nature and the Divine.

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