Maintaining Energetic Balance in Your Life: Video about Joey Korn’s Work

Recorded at Swannanoa Palace June 2009

Former Home and Headquarters of Walter & Lao Russell

This video was taken at the base of the beautiful marble staircase that Lao Russell was so often seen elegantly gliding down to greet her palace guests.  The 71-minute DVD will give you a current overview of my work.

Along with the newly revised edition of my book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, this video will help you realize your amazing connection to the energies that are everywhere around and within you, behind the scenes life.

Many people believe that there are energies in the Earth that serve a function in nature, but are harmful to us.  These energies are said to cause “geopathic stress” and many believe that if these energies are in your home, especially around your bed, they can cause illness and many other problems in your life, including financial, emotional, and relationship problems.  In this DVD presentation, you’ll learn the true nature and function of these energies.  They’re here to support us, not here to harm us. They’re our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us.  You’ll also learn how to keep your own energies and the energies of your home balanced, beneficial, and ideal to support you and your family in life.


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