Dowsing & the Kabbalah Connection – continued (e)

This illustration is color-coded to help you see the seven mated pairs of energy lines. I really consider them more to be channels of energy rather than lights. Each pair of these channels captures God’s Light in the various frequencies that we need in our lives. When they are perfectly clear, they capture God’s Light completely and allow it to flow through our beings unimpeded. As we respond to our unresolved issues and/or have illness in our lives, our channels relating to those issues or illnesses get clouded, filtering out less of God’s Light in those frequencies and impeding the flow. When they get clouded enough, they will dowse as detrimental or unbalanced. A properly stated prayer will bring them into balance, helping us to bring balance into our lives.

Dowsing Your Own Tree of Life Pattern
I am not entirely comfortable, by the way, with the terms “beneficial” and “detrimental” when working with the Human Energy Pattern or Bed Pattern. That is why I didn’t find the complete Bed Pattern for several years; I didn’t even consider that energies in the Human Energy Pattern could be detrimental. I now prefer to use the terms “balanced” and “unbalanced”. This refers to whether the energy frequencies of the lights are in harmony with us or not. I also think there are many “shades of gray” in between, which I refer to as “levels of intensity”.

Dowse around your own bed, asking to find “lines of energy or rays of light that are part of the Bed Pattern.” See what you find. Try to be open that they may or may not be there. Work from a level of impartial curiosity–with a dowser’s mind. Once you find the complete pattern, dowse for elements of the pattern that might be detrimental or out of balance. If you find any lights in your Bed Pattern that dowse as detrimental, say a sincere prayer asking the Creator to bring it into balance and it will happen immediately.

I find that if one light dowses as detrimental, its mate will too. If one light dowses as beneficial, so will its mate. Remember that the Bed Pattern around your bed is your own Human Energy Pattern. I find that when two people sleep in the same bed, the patterns merge into one bed pattern. This says a lot about “two becoming one” when we are with our mates. It also says a lot about sexual promiscuity.

I plan to bring this work into more mainstream use, such as in hospitals. I hope to help doctors, therapists, and nurses become dowsers and spiritual healers. I want to work with more teachers of Kabbalah to share with them and learn from them. I also look forward to continuing to explore the Tree of Life, learning ever more about this sea of Light and energy that we live in. Most importantly, I want to share my work. I believe that part of the reason I came to this Earth was to find the Tree of Life and share it appropriately with others. Share it with you.

Learning to detect, explore, and work with your own personal Tree of Life can not only help bring healing and balance into your life, it can help you along your spiritual path. Your body is your physical vehicle that you travel though life in. Your Tree of Life/Human Energy Pattern is your spiritual vehicle of Light that you can learn to use to raise your consciousness. In kabbalistic terms, it is your Merkabah or Chariot that can transport you into Higher realms. But that’s another story‚Ķ


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