Dowsing & the Kabbalah Connection – continued (b)


After saying my healing prayer, not only did I find the complete pattern that I was aware of, I found another pair of lights angled below the foot of the bed.

Two days later, my friend started talking for the first time in ten months. I then began finding these angled lights beyond the foot of other beds.

My friend is still far from her normal state of health, but her state of awareness has vastly improved.

Again, I hadn’t found this “new” pair lights or lines of energy before, beyond the foot of her bed, because of the way I was walking around beds as I dowsed. I was only looking for energies that intersected the bed. Now I know these energies are around all beds.

Later, another friend called me about his daughter-in-law. She’d had complications from stomach surgery and had slipped into a coma. She was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. My friend had heard about my energy work and asked me to work with her. I went to the hospital and tuned into this lady’s Bed Pattern. I said a prayer for her healing and balance, especially to bring healing and balance to her comatose condition. Immediately, I detected the complete pattern, as I knew it at the time. Again, two days later, she woke out of the coma and has since regained her normal health.

I’m willing to accept that all of these recoveries were merely circumstantial to my dowsing and prayer work, but I’m also willing to accept that what I did had something to do with the improvement in their conditions. One thing was for sure–there was something going on with the energies around people’s beds. What was happening? Why does everyone have this same pattern? Why do parts of it seem missing and then almost magically appear after prayer? Why do they seem to have so much effect on our health and well-being.

Making the Kabbalah Connection

On June 8, 1999, I woke with a sinus headache. It’s interesting to me how I have some of my most productive and creative times when I have headaches, such as in my “Quest for the Blue Books and the Russell Connection to Dowsing” story. I relaxed and prayed often during the day, nursing my headache and trying to return to a state of wholeness. Late in the afternoon, as I was relaxing in bed, I felt compelled to reach over and grab a book from our headboard, Lawrence Kushner’s Honey from the Rock. It’s a beginner’s book on Jewish mysticism, on Kabbalah. It’s about how we can all find the sacred in everyday life events. I had met Rabbi Kushner a couple of months earlier when he gave several talks in the Augusta area, but I hadn’t read his book yet. I opened it to “any page,” which turned out to be Chapter 7, “The Light of Awareness“–filled with quotes from the Bible, from Kabbalah, and from Jewish sages about the Light of the Creator. Passage after passage seemed to be talking to me–helping me understand the light that I had been dowsing and working with for several years.

When I finished the chapter, I was in a state of awe. I said a prayer, thanking the Creator for guiding me to this book.   I closed the book and instantly made the connection–the kabbalistic Tree of Life was on the cover.   The Bed Pattern is the Tree of Life!

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