A Worthy Messenger: The Life’s Work of Walter Russell by Charles Hardy

A Worthy Messenger: The Life's Work of Walter Russell by Charles HardyA Worthy Messenger: The Life’s Work of Walter Russell is Available Again!
This definitive biography is an exciting addition to the Russell book collection and provides the world with much new information about,  and insight into, the man himself.

The author knew Russell personally and he decided 50 years ago to publish Russell’s life story.  It has the best summary of the Russell science I’ve ever seen and much you don’t know, even if you’re a serious student of the Russell teachings and his life.


At age 56 he turned to sculpture, rising to the top rank and producing the Mark Twain Memorial and the Four Freedoms.  In his scientific treatises he challenged Science to acknowledge the Supreme Being and reform theoretical physics; he urged Religion to accept science and abandon the fossilized dogma of centuries past.

Knowledge of the natural laws of the universe, Russell maintained, would bring about a “New Age.” To Glenn Clark, he was “The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.”

As a teenager, Charles Hardy knew Dr. Russell when he was nearly ninety years old.  Now, fifty years later, Hardy re-introduces Walter Russell to the world in this exhaustively researched, long-overdue biography.  –From the Cover


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