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walter russell books introduction setThe Walter Russell Intro Book Set

Introduction to Walter Russell and his teachings.  When you finish these, you’ll know if you want to learn more, and you most likely will!  Get all three and save $3 off retail.

$21 (save $3)

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The Core Book Set of the Russell Philosophy – Two or Three Hardbacks  

walter russell books core set


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Save $7 when you get all three books.

These books represent the Russell philosophy. All of the Russell science is based on their philosophy, so even if you’re interested in the science, I suggest you read these first.

or get only

The Message of the Divine Iliad Volumes 1 & 2 by Walter Russell

Get Both Divine Iliad Volumes



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 (Save $5)

The Basic Russell Science Book Set


The Secret of Light 
Atomic Suicide?


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Save $5 & Save Much More on International Shipping Costs

The Master Russell Science Book Set

walter russell books master set


Get all three and save $10.

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The Universal One & A New Concept of the Universe are scientific treatise in which Russell shares his understandings with the world of science.

In the Wave… is a compilation of Russell’s scientific art & illustrations, in their original colors, with a brief summary of the Russell cosmology. Get all three and save $10.  Reg. Retail is $95.  Shipping options will be given a check-out.

Core Russell Philosophy & Science  Set- 14 Books

Get All the Books Listed Above, plus Remembered for Love (Lao’s wonderful biography), Think, & Your Day & Night.  That’s a retail value of $287 for 14 books at only $259, PLUS We’ll Ship it for Free, Insured, within the US.
They’re all listed, with brief descriptions, at www.dowsers.com/walter-russell-books.  We’ll pay a portion of the shipping cost outside the US and will contact you with the total.
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Get the Complete Russell Set!

Save $127 plus get Free Shipping on the Complete Set of Russell Books, including the Third Edition of the Russell Home Study Course.

If you want everything currently available from Lao & Walter Russell, this is for you. You’ll save over $127 plus you’ll get free shipping!  Click here to see a detailed listing of everything you’ll receive.


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This Complete Russell Set includes is 30 books and booklets, The Home Study Course, and three audio CD’s of his final lecture series from the 1950’s. 

I’ve taken out most booklets that are excerpts from other books by Lao & Walter Russell.  If you want those too, we have them available.  Just ask.

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Add the Complete Set of 30 Russell Books & Booklets, Three CDs, and Twelve Units of the Third Edition of the Home Study Course to My Cart for $560, including shipping within the US.

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