The Two Lights of the Soul – continued (e)


It is easy to transmute the detrimental energies into beneficial energies because we created them in the first place. I believe that the Earth absorbs the negative and positive energies created by mankind and channels them along its subtle electrical conductors, such as underground streams, energy leys, and Hartmann and Curry grid lines. When we find these energies, we can simply change them with prayer. We change them all the time, whether we know it or not. There is a constant flux to these energies, as Nature supports our every thought, action, and emotion.

We can also attach our two lights to objects, including food, plants, jewelry, etc. If you say a prayer, asking that a certain object be charged with the Life Force, you can then dowse two beneficial beams of light (lines of energy) intersecting the object. We can imbue any object with the energy of our intent, much like programming a crystal. As with people, when I find lights attached to objects, it is always two.

Beneficial and detrimental vortexes, created by the intersections of these lines of energy in time and space, can have more than two. Once two lights (lines of energy) intersect each other, they can act as a magnet and draw more lights into them. The more intense the emotions or actions that brought them in, the more beams of light can be drawn into to intersect at the vortexes.

Interestingly, our lights move with us when we move and turn with us when we turn. I find, however, that although the lights attached to objects do move with them, their alignments don’t seem to change as the object is turned. They seem to keep their North- South, East-West alignments until changed by us with another prayer.

Try this out for yourself. If you can get dowsing responses to energy leys or to beneficial energies (and everyone can learn to do this), you can find the two lights of the soul. Dowse while walking in a circle around a friend or family member, with the intent, “Show me any beneficial lines of energy attached to her being (assuming it’s a woman).” Remember that you are looking for lines of light that intersect the person. If you don’t get any dowsing responses, ask her to say a silent prayer, calling for energies to come into her being to bring healing and balance into her life. This will only take a few seconds. Then dowse again while walking in a circle around her, asking to find beneficial energies attached to her being. Do you get them now? How many dowsing reactions do you get? If you walk in a full circle around her, you divide the number of reactions by two, because you cross each beam of light or line of energy two times.

You can do the same with objects. For example, take a piece of jewelry and dowse around it, asking for beneficial energies attached to it. Do you get any dowsing reactions? If so, it has been charged with the Life Force by someone. If not, say a prayer asking that this piece of jewelry be charged with the Life Force, to bring healing and balance to the wearer. Then dowse it again, walking in a circle around the jewelry, asking for beneficial lines of energy attached to it. Do you get reactions this time? If so, how many? If you do get reactions, you have attached some of your light to the jewelry, at a frequency defined by your intent. You have programmed the jewelry. Whoever wears it should test stronger by muscle testing and their dowseable energy fields should expand. Turn the piece of jewelry. Do the lights keep their original orientation or do they turn with the jewelry.

I am only scratching the surface of understanding the world of light that is behind everything in the physical universe, but I think I’m onto something significant. I have much more to learn and would love to hear from you about your insights and experiences. This is a light wave universe, created by thought. We are beings of light, and we create our own reality with our thinking, every minute of every day. Keep dowsing, keep praying, keep thinking, and keep learning more about this incredible world of light that we live in.

Finding and working with the two lights of the soul is what led me to my most significant discovery to date, my Kabbalah connection to dowsing. Click here to get a summary of this story and click here to read a more detailed version of how I discovered the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with dowsing.



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