The Two Lights of the Soul – continued (d)

The Energies in Our Living Environments

The lines of energy commonly found in our homes and offices are like beams of light suspended in time and space. I believe them to be extensions of the major Earth energy leys, like capillaries extending from the arteries. When I explore them with dowsing, I find that they rarely extend higher than about neck height, and generally go no lower than the knee. If I dowse for the near and far edges of these beams of light, I find that they are about as thick as they are high. Again, they are like beams or shafts of light suspended in space. I find exactly the same thing when I dowse the two beams of light intersecting people.

I believe that when we find beneficial or detrimental lines of energies in our living environment that do not dowse as underground streams of water, they are usually imprints of someone’s two lights. (I used to think the detrimental lines were what are commonly called noxious rays.) When we experience a passionate emotion, Nature feeds us with a blast of energy, and we quite literally “flare up.” When that happens, we imprint our two lights wherever we are or where our consciousness is directed.

This image, drawn by Will Fahnoe, gives you an idea of how I see these lights in my mind. I don’t actually “see” them however; I simply detect them with dowsing and I can feel them with my hands. I think, at this point however, that they come in more horizontally than vertically.

If we experience a strong negative emotion, such as anger, we imprint two detrimental lights, creating a detrimental vortex. This energy fuels the emotion but it weakens us. We may feel more energized at the time, but afterwards we feel drained and disoriented. If we experience passionate joyful emotions, we imprint two beneficial lights, creating a beneficial vortex.

These energies also seem to have a morality quality to them. If we do something that brings enjoyment to us but hurts someone else, such as stealing something from someone else, we imprint detrimental light or energy.

I try not to call these energies “positive” or “negative,” although I’m not completely satisfied with using the terms “detrimental” or “beneficial.” When I dowse someone’s two lights, I get that one is positive and one is negative, though they both dowse as beneficial when attached to or emanating from a human being. When I dowse a vortex, whether it be the energies surrounding person, a plant, an animal, or a vortex created by two lights suspended in time and space, I always get two interrelated spiraling bands of energy–one negative and one positive–though the vortex can be beneficial or detrimental to us as human beings. It can weaken us or strengthen us.

Once our two lights are imprinted in time and space, creating a vortex, the energies affect everyone who comes into their presence, and I believe they will affect the person who brought them in no matter where he or she is on Earth. We are tied to the energies that we imprint. These vortexes expand into infinity, just as our spiraling energy fields do.

I believe this to be the basis of karma, how everything we think and do is recorded energetically in what Edgar Cayce calls the “skeins of time and space,” which can be read in the¬†Akashic records, the Book of Life.

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