The Two Lights of the Soul-continued (b)


Questions and Answers

As my work continued, I had many questions. What are these energies? Are they Earth energies? Are they leakings of our own energy? If Nature supports us with these energies, as I believe it does, why are some of them detrimental to us? Why would Nature create anything to harm us? I believe that we have free will and that we create our own reality. If this were so, why would we be at the mercy of energies in nature that might harm us?

A key to the answers came about a year ago in an unexpected way, as they usually do. I was showing a friend how to find beneficial vortexes in our home. I found a beneficial line with another one intersecting it right where my wife, Jill, was sitting. A little while later, I again noticed two beneficial lines intersecting where Jill was sitting, but she wasn’t in the same chair. That got me thinking.

I asked Jill to stand in the center of the room. I dowsed while walking around her in a circle, with the intent, “Show me any beneficial lines of energy that may be attached to Jill’s being.” I got reactions indicating two lines of beneficial energy that intersected her. She moved and the lines moved with her. She turned and they turned with her. I dowsed my friend, and he didn’t seem to have these lines attached to him.

I have been conducting workshops regularly for the past couple of years, teaching people my methods of dowsing and energy work. In these workshops, I began dowsing the participants for these beneficial lines and I seldom found them. At a certain point in each workshop, I always say a prayer asking for energies to come to each of the participants to bring healing and balance into their lives. I noticed in one of these workshops that after the prayer, everyone had two beneficial lines intersecting them, two beams of light attached to their bodies. Now I can always find them around every single human being. I simply wasn’t tuning into subtle enough emanations before.

The Two Lights of the Soul

I believe that these are the “two lights of the soul” and that everyone has them. When we pray for energies to come into our beings or someone else prays for us, our lights brighten and may come in at a different angle. We literally become a little more “en-lightened.” Could it be that these two lights of the soul actually create our spiraling energy fields, just as a vortex is created when two energy leys intersect at a power spot? I think so.

I always find two lights intersecting people, never more and never less. They intersect at different places within each person’s body, usually somewhere between the abdomen and the neck, depending on that person’s healing needs or the particular prayer that was said. For example, if someone prays to bring healing to a heart condition, the lights may intersect at the heart, though that isn’t necessarily the case. They usually seem to align with the chakras or human energy centers, but not always. Sometimes, for example, they seem to align with the thymus, in between the heart and throat chakras. These energies can be realigned as a result of what is prayed for.

I also find that the two lights are symmetrical. If one light comes in at a certain angle to one side of someone’s body, I always find another one entering the other side of the body at the same angle, usually intersecting somewhere between the abdomen and the neck. Since I first began finding these lights in 1996, I have found that they intersect the body/being at four distinct angles. They can come in at a narrow angle, at a wider angle, at an even wider angle, or at a right angle.

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