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Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment

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Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment

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    • Jordan
    • July 2, 2019

    A while back I stumbled across an article Joey had written about his take on energetic lines crossing the space where ones bed sits and the different energetic points on and around the bed that could inform as to who sleeps on which side and if they are going through any trauma, emotional grief or what have you. I have been having a hard time finding it again let alone much of any technical info on ways of stopping, diverting or diminishing these lines/energies yourself. I am a dowser but am only about a year old in dowsing experience so I don’t know a ton regarding method of this sort. I deterred the hartmann lines around the house, using welding electrodes coiled in 12ga. bare copper wire buried in dirt perpendicular to each of the lines but that is all I’ve done at our residence to divert any earth magnetic lines or potential geopathic stress.

    There are potentially a few streams passing under our bedroom and I got those results on two separate occasions so I feel they are likely close to accurate. My wife has some consistent neck/back pain which ocassionally becomes serious and debilitating to the point where she cannot get out of bed.. literally can’t sit up and stand from laying because of the pain. We are in our early thirties. I think there may be an emotional aspect at the root of it…

    Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    – Jordan

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