Diverting Underground Streams of Water

We’ve all heard that “with enough faith, you can move mountains.” Well I’ve never moved a mountain, but I have moved underground streams. It is a powerful experience to actually make changes in the physical world with dowsing techniques and, better yet, with the power of prayer. Yes, I move underground streams of water and teach others to do it very easily–simply with the power of prayer.

Dowsers have known for many years that underground streams can be diverted to feed a well that has gone dry, or to add water to a what is called a “dry hole,” when a well is drilled but no water is found. This is usually done by hammering an iron rod into the ground at a certain spot that is determined by dowsing. It is thought that the sound vibrations traveling through the Earth actually cause the stream to move.

When I first learned this, I thought the person who told me about it was wacky. Then I learned to do it myself and brought water to a neighbor’s well. It only took minutes.

As I studied the techniques used by various dowsers, I found them all to be a little different.  Some were very simple, like finding an underground stream near the well and hammering the rod into the ground on the underground stream, gradually moving it toward the well.  Other methods involve finding the exact place to hammer the rod and how many times to hit the rod. If each dowser’s technique is different, what makes it work? That made me wonder if it was simply the dowser’s intent that causes the stream to move–the belief that what the dowser does causes the stream to move. I had already learned how to use prayer to make changes in the world of subtle energies, so I decided to try it.

Interestingly, I soon got the chance. The water in our well took on a strong sulfur taste and odor a few years ago, when it had always tasted delicious. I thought something had simply gotten into the lines, but running the water for about one half hour only made it get worse. I dowsed and found that a new stream was entering the well–obviously a sulfur stream. I simply said a blessing over the earth asking that Nature “to do whatever was appropriate” in order to move the contaminating sulfur stream away from the well. My dowsing showed that it moved immediately. The sulfur smell and taste cleared up as soon as we let the water run a few minutes.

In July 1998, a friend called because his well had gone dry. I suggested he stand by his well, and I guided him through a blessing over the phone, and his tank immediately filled up with the purest water he had ever had from that well.

You can do this too. My prayer to move streams is below. I haven’t moved any mountains yet, but if my faith is strong enough, maybe someday I will, and maybe you will too.

The next time you hear about someone whose well has gone dry, ask if you can try to bring water to it for them. If you can’t be there physically, get that person to stand by his/her well with a portable phone and guide him/her through this blessing:

If it be Thy Will, may the Powers of Nature converge 
To bless the earth around this well and as deep and and far as appropriate
To add as much good clean drinking water as possible,
And to remove anything that may be polluting the water
In order to provide a year-round flow of good, clean drinking water for our use,
for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate.

It doesn’t always happen, only if it’s appropriate. If your prayer is sincere and you truly believe it could happen, Nature might just work this miracle for you. It may take some time, so at least give it a day or two to work.  And say the blessing more than once.  Remember that you want to envision the process and say it with feeling and with faith that this really can work.

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