Dowsing & the Kabbalah Connection-continued (a)


Exploring and Working with the Bed Pattern

As I continued to explore these energies, I began to find a repeating pattern of energies or lights around beds, or wherever people sleep. Although I realized from the beginning that most subtle energies could dowse as beneficial or detrimental, for some reason I only dowsed for beneficial energies as part of what I call the “Bed Pattern.” I saw the Bed Pattern as somehow different from the other lights and vortexes I have found; now I know they are very much related, though still different.

The lights around beds seem to come in pairs, though the paired lights don’t always intersect each other.

In the basic pattern I found in 1997, one parallel pair of lights crosses the head and foot of the bed.

Another pair crosses the bed like an X and another crosses it like a plus (+).


As I continued to study the energies around beds with dowsing, asking to find “beneficial lines of energy that are part of the Bed Pattern,” I seemed to find that some people had more of this building pattern of energies than others. People who were healthy and well-balanced seemed to have a more complete pattern. People who were ill seemed to be missing some of the elements of the pattern. (I later learned, however, that they weren’t “missing” at all.) A sincere and properly stated prayer, calling for healing and balance for that person, almost always seemed to bring in the basic pattern, though I wasn’t yet aware of the complete pattern. After restoring the pattern with prayer, people who were ill often seemed to get better, sometimes dramatically better. Others reported an increased sense of well-being.

In the fall of 1998, I explored the energies around the bed of a friend who was chronically depressed, still asking to find “beneficial” energies in the Bed Pattern. All I could find was the pair of lights (lines of energy) that crossed the head and the foot of my friend’s bed. I said a prayer for him, calling for his healing and balance, especially to help him with his depression, and immediately the basic pattern came in, including a pair of lights I hadn’t found before. These lights angled to intersect the corners at the head of the bed, intersecting each other beyond the bed. Within two days, my friend felt much better. He felt that he had been lifted out of his depression.

After I found this pair of angled lights around my friend’s bed, I began finding them around all beds, at least after saying a prayer for the healing and balance of that person. I didn’t find them before because, as I dowsed around the bed, the angled lines were very close to the line going across the head of the bed and I didn’t distinguish them. I found it this time by walking away from the bed at an angle.

Soon after that, I explored the energies around the bed of a friend who was in a coma. She had come out of the coma enough to make very basic responses, but still couldn’t speak. I only found two pairs of beneficial lines of energy in her Bed Pattern: the pair angling to intersect the corners of the head of the bed and the pair crossing the head and foot of the bed.

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