Deep Relaxation & Meditation

Everything Comes From the One and Returns to the One

Virtually all spiritual seekers have at least tried some form of deep relaxation or meditation, but very few integrate meditation into their lives. Meditation should be as much a part of our lives as eating, drinking and sleeping, but the word “meditation” has taken on negative connotations.

People mistakenly assume that for “true” meditation, you have to sit perfectly erect with their legs intertwined uncomfortably (or impossibly) and wash all thoughts from their minds, or stand on their heads and contemplate their navels, or have complete one-pointed concentration. This is simply not so. If you’re aware that you’re “trying” to relax or meditate, you’re not there.  Meditation is not about “doing” anything; it’s about “not doing.

I believe that our Purpose in life is to remember our Divine heritage. If we want to remember what we really are–unlimited spiritual beings of Light–we have to forget what we think we are, physical bodies of tissue and bone.  We have to forget the body and we can do that though deep relaxation and meditation.

All you have to do to get deeply relaxed and forget the body is lie down comfortably on your back, listen to beautiful, flowing music, just let go, and let God.  If you do this for just 20 minutes each day, you can’t help but forget the body and get deeply relaxed.  You forget that you’re lying there listening to music. It may seem like sleep, but if you “come back” after a short time (less than half an hour) and you feel refreshed, you know you didn’t fall asleep.

After your relaxation, you are then in a perfect state of mind for more traditional meditation, or creative problem solving, or prayer, or for just enjoying the wonderful energy that is coursing through your body.  I call this two-staged process “relaxitation.

Integrating  relaxation and meditation into your daily routine can greatly improve your health, your spirituality, and
can transform your life.

Our favorite music for “relaxitation” is available from us and listed below.

Temple in the Forest
By David Naegele

This is our favorite music to relax to.  It combines nature sounds with beautiful flowing music.  There’s something very special about this music.  It’s especially helpful to those that are in a lot of pain and agony.

CD    $18.00

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