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Walter Russell Books

Celtic Sea Salt

  • Celtic Sea Salt brand ®, harvested from clay-lined salt beds fed by a pristine sea located just off the northern coastline of France.

Remote Spiritual Space Clearing Services

  • The energies in our homes are constantly reflecting us back to us. Remote dowsing can change the energies and help us change our lives.

Simple Blessing Process

  • Five blessing components, do often, and you will stay energetically balanced, as will most of the energies around you.

Complete Store Catalog

  • Our Complete Products Catalog Page with books, DVD’s, Kits, Celtic Sea Salt, dowsing rods, pendulums and much more…

Retreats/Teaching Events

  • Immerse yourself in one of Jill and Joey’s retreats held in their home, which is also their retreat center. View Schedule for upcoming events.

Video Interview – Spiritual Dowsing and the Blessing Process with Joey Korn Part 2

Joey Korn Spiritual Dowser Interview

Spiritual Space Clearing with Joey Korn