Our Energetic Mirrors – Part 1

The Earth Energies Are Our Energetic Mirrors: Part 1

(Adapted from the Chapter 17 of the Revised Edition of Joey’s book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment)

We are energy beings, living in a universe of energy—a sea of consciousness. We create our energy environments with our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

The natural energies of our homes are, for the most part, macrocosms of the energies within us, extending and reflecting out into our living environments.

We are also surrounded by energies put there by mankind, such as electrical fields (EMFs), radio waves, microwaves, etc. The Earth energies in our homes influence us, and more importantly, we influence them day in and day out.

Many dowsers and others who do space clearing work believe that energies exist in the Earth that serve a purpose in nature, but can be harmful to us. If these detrimental energies are in our homes, they believe that they weaken us and, over time, can cause illness and other problems in our lives, hence the term “geopathic stress.”

“Geo” means “of the Earth” and “pathic” relates to illness. Many people also believe that these Earth energies can cause mental, emotional, relationship, and financial problems, just to name a few.

They think that your home (or anyone’s home) might just happen to have been built in these detrimental Earth energies, and, more significantly, that your bed may have been placed in these energies, thereby exacerbating the harmful effects of the energies. Do these energies really cause problems in our lives? Or is it the other way around?

From my experience, I’ve come to understand that it’s the other way around. The Earth energies are here to support us, not harm us. They’re our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us.

We cause the Earth energies in our homes to be detrimental with our negative thoughts, actions, and emotions—with our inappropriate reactions to our life issues. That being said, changing the energies around us can help us change because, for the most part, they are related to us.

The Earth energies that are said to cause geopathic stress include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy fields related to underground water (what most dowsers consider to be underground streams of flowing water)
  • Earth energy lines or leys in the home and property. Some would call these “noxious rays,” when they are detrimental.
  • Hartmann Grid Lines
  • Curry Grid Lines, also called the Curry Net

All of these energies, and more, are in our homes and offices. Any or all of them can either be balanced and beneficial, or unbalanced and detrimental as to their effect on us. This can be detected, determined, and experienced quite easily with dowsing and muscle testing, once you learn how.

Why are some Earth Energies Detrimental to Us?

Dowsers and others who do any kind of space clearing work typically deal with these detrimental energies by avoiding, blocking, diverting, or clearing them, depending on the modality they use to detect them, as well as their understandings about the energies.

However, in my dowsing explorations over the past twenty years, I’ve learned that any detrimental subtle energy can be found with dowsing can be made to be beneficial, at least for a while, with a properly stated prayer or blessing, simply by asking that it be changed to be beneficial.

Once you change these energies to be beneficial, however, whatever made them detrimental could possibly make them detrimental again. My question has always been, “What makes some Earth energies detrimental in the first place?” Since we can make them beneficial with a blessing, at least for a while, I’ve long suspected that we must also play a role in making them detrimental, especially the energies in our homes and other living environments. If we can change the energies on purpose with blessings, then they must also change in the natural course of events, with the way we live our lives.

I always thought it odd that energies related to the Earth might just happen to be in our homes, especially around our beds, that could cause disease and other problems in our lives. Even though I could experience these weakening energies with dowsing and muscle testing, this concept really never made sense to me, because I have a fundamental premise in life:

“We have a benevolent Creator who has created us, has given us Free Will, and has placed us in this ever-creating universe under a set of just Universal Laws that we can engage with our intent”

If this is true, then it doesn’t make sense that we might just happen to choose or build our homes and place our beds in places on the Earth that might cause serious problems in our lives, could make us ill, and possibly even kill us, simply because of the natural energy that might be present there. This is not a random universe. Everything has a purpose!

For the most part, in our homes and offices, we cause the energies to be detrimental with our inappropriate reactions to our issues in life. This includes all of the energies listed earlier and, interestingly, in that sequential order. I call negative thoughts and emotions “negative blessings.”

They have the exact opposite effect on the energies within and around us as positively stated blessings do. The more intense the imbalances are within the people in a home, the more energy fields in their home will be detrimental, and the more intensely detrimental they will be.

The one exception is the subtle electrical fields around appliances, which we can also detect with dowsing. We do not cause them to be detrimental, but we can make them beneficial with applied intent through the blessing process, simply asking that the energies become beneficial to us.

We can use these energies to help us in life. (See https://dowsers.com/i-love-emfs/.)

The Energy Fields Around Beds

The most common place that dowsers look for geopathic stress related energies is around beds, because that’s where we typically spend about one-third of our lives. So we’ll begin with energies you can find around your bed.

The detrimental energy fields around beds can be any of the energies listed above. However, I have found that the most common “detrimental” energy fields around beds are actually related directly to the people sleeping in those beds.

I started finding a unique energy pattern around beds in 1996. All beds that are actively slept in have this energy pattern around them. I call it the Bed Patten. From the beginning, I knew it was more about the people sleeping in the beds than it was about the beds. The Bed Pattern is an imprint of the Human Energy Pattern, which is a tangible pattern of energies around every human being, and just about anyone can learn to find and explore these energy patterns with dowsing.

Over the next three years, I found more and more energy lines around beds. The lines in the Bed Pattern can be beneficial or detrimental, however I prefer to call them “in balance” or “out of balance,” since they are directly related to people.

I realized early on that these components come in mated pairs. If one of them is detrimental or out of balance, its mate will be; if one is beneficial, its mate will be. By June 1996, I had found seven mated pairs of energy lines in the Bed Pattern. (I now know that the energy lines repeat outward, well beyond the bed.)

The Bed Pattern is the Tree of Life!

On June 8, 1996, after waking out of a meditation, I was given a major revelation. The Bed Pattern is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life! I didn’t know much about the Tree of Life, so I started researching it.

According to the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life was the first act of Creation. It’s the blueprint for everything in Creation. This pattern, or matrix, of energies is supposed to repeat itself endlessly in the energies of Nature. (See https://dowsers.com/dowsing-the-kabbalistic-tree-of-life/)

I consider the Human Energy Pattern to be the human soul level of the Tree of Life, and I have now found many different levels of the Tree of Life. The Bed Pattern is an imprint of the Human Energy Pattern.

You can see the strong similarity between the Bed Pattern, which is around everyone’s bed, and the Tree of Life below:

The Bed Pattern                The Tree of Life

Most people, by far, have some imbalances in their Human Energy Patterns and, therefore, in their Bed Patterns. These imbalances will dowse as detrimental energies.

They have to do with our struggles and strains of life, and we all have our own life issues that we’re dealing with.

One of the most common pairs of energy lines in the Bed Pattern to be out of balance is the mated pair of energy lines intersecting the foot corners of our beds, connecting what would correspond to 7/9 and 8/9 in the Tree of Life.

When you study Kabbalah, you can learn that these three energy centers in the Tree of Life are related to living our lives with others in the physical world. Isn’t that what most of our issues are related to?

Dowsing Exercise: Dowsing & Working with Your Bed Pattern

Below is a simple exercise to demonstrate your connection to your Bed Pattern. Since the 7/9 and 8/9 lines are very commonly out of balance and will dowse as detrimental for most people, that is what we’ll work with. First you’ll dowse for detrimental or unbalanced energy in your Bed Pattern. Then you’ll use my Simple Blessing Process over yourself and your mate, if you sleep with someone else. (See www.dowsers.com/simple-blessing-process-by-joey-korn/ for more info.) Then you’ll dowse for the same energy again.

    1. Get a pair of L-rods or any other dowsing tool and stand a few feet away from the foot corners of the bed, with your dowsing tool(s) in the search position. L-rods should be pointed straight ahead.
    2. Approach either foot corner at an angle, as indicated by the arrows, with the intent: “Show me any unbalanced or detrimental energy in the Bed Pattern.” Do you get a dowsing reaction as you reach the corner of the bed? L-rods should open or cross if you’re using two and a pendulum will likely go into a spin. If you did get a reaction, you can also dowse for other imbalances or detrimental energies around the bed. If not, you (and your mate) may have no imbalances in your pattern(s), which is rare unless you bless yourself/yourselves regularly and often, or you may simply not be getting dowsing reactions to the unbalanced energy. Dowsing takes practice. Guidance from an experienced dowser also helps.
    3. Now say the Simple Blessing Process over yourself and over your mate, if you sleep with someone else, in two separate blessings. Also say it over anyone else who may have lain on your bed recently, such as a child. Say the blessing twice over each person, and think about the words while you’re saying them, envisioning the process. It’s not the words that make the energies change; it’s your intent. (The … symbols below represent brief pauses, to help envision the process).

Dear God, or however you address the Divine, please bless me (or person’s name)  and charge me (his/her) with energy, to bring healing and balance tomy (his/her) complete being, physically…emotionally…mentally… and spiritually. Thank you. Amen.

  • Now dowse for unbalanced or detrimental energy in the places you found them before. Do you still get reactions? If you do, then maybe someone is imprinted around your bed that you are not aware of. Say the blessing again, replacing the second and third lines with “…Please bless all people who might be energetically connected to my bed, to bring…” and continue with the blessing. Then dowse again for detrimental or unbalanced energy around your bed.

If you got dowsing reactions to detrimental or unbalanced energy before you said the blessing and did not get dowsing reactions after the blessing, it is because when you blessed yourself and possibly others who may have been imprinted there, you temporarily balanced your entire Human Energy Pattern(s).

Since your Bed Pattern is an imprint of your Human Energy Pattern(s), and you are directly connected to it, your Bed Pattern simultaneously came into balance as well. It will only stay balanced for short while, because whatever issues in your life created your imbalances in the first place, will manifest them again.

A blessing for healing and balance is like a spiritual aspirin; it will balance the imbalances or “relieve the pain” for a while, but the imbalances will return, until you resolve the issues that cause them.

In Summary

Your Human Energy Pattern is mirrored in your Bed Pattern. If you do something to balance your energy pattern, it will simultaneously balance your Bed Pattern. Conversely, if you do something to balance your Bed Pattern, it will also balance your Human Energy Pattern.

The natural energies in your living environment are your energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting you back to you. Nature is non-judgmental in her support of us. She will support our fear, anger, anxiety, and hatred just as well as she will support our love, joy, kindness, and blessings.

Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and actions; they are constantly being reflected in the energies within and around you. Learn the Simple Blessing Process and use it often. You’ll see and feel the difference in your life.

Part 2 of this article will appear soon. I’ll cover some other energetic mirrors that are in your living environment, especially the various Earth energies mentioned earlier. However, both articles are adapted from the newly revised edition of my book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment.  Learn more and order it now at by clicking here.

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