Crystal and Stone Pendulums

Our Pendulum Supplier has gone out of business, so we decided to limit our selection significantly.  We will only carry a few metal pendulums.  There’s a link to the metal pendulum page below the crystal pendulums.


Shipping rates have gone up again, especially for international shipping of small packages.  It is not practical to order a pendulum for shipping outside the U.S., unless it is part of a larger order.

Tapered or Cut Himalayan Crystal Point With Chamber

$30  Only One Left of Each

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View of Pendulum with Open Witness Chamber

Some dowsers put a sample of what they’re looking for or working with in the chamber.

Bearing Balanced Labradorite Chamber Pendulum


Metal Pendulums

metal pendulum   

Click here to see our metal pendulums.

Remember that shipping is included in the price of our pendulums for anywhere in the US.

If you prefer, call us to place an order.

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