Crystal and Stone Pendulums

We have many beautiful Crystal & Stone Pendulums.  Scroll down to see them all.


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Rose Quartz Chamber with Copper Ring



Bearing-Balanced Amethyst with Witness Chamber



Example of  Witness Chamber


Bearing Balanced Fluorite with Witness Chamber



Sodalite Pendulum with Copper Ring and Witness Chamber


Tapered Himalayan Crystal Point With Chamber


View of Pendulum with Open Witness Chamber

Some dowsers put a sample of what they’re looking for or working with in the chamber.

More Chamber or Witness Pendulums Below.  

Amethyst Chamber Pendulum With Copper Ring & Chain


Uncut Himalayan Crystal Point  with Chamber            



Metal Pendulums

metal pendulum   

Click here to see our metal pendulums.

Letter to Robin
A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing Volume 1

Only $9.00, including shipping within the U.S. 

Now Available in our volumes.  Add more volumes after adding Volume 1 to the cart.  Each additional volume will be $6.  We may have to contact you about additional shipping cost for multiple volumes.

This is the best series of booklets I’ve found on pendulum dowsing.

Available in Spanish.  Request in Special Instructions during check-out.

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